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What tools will we learn to use here?

Videos Tutorials

Learn like in cooking book. Pick what you want to build and do it.

Tools List

Tools to discover and ship a product your are really proud of

No-Code Projects

Discover projects and templates in #nocode to have inspiration

🎁 Free content

You have an idea of startup ? Ship it: today!
In only 38 minutes and 45 seconds.

1️⃣ Create a landing page

2️⃣ Collect email to validate your idea

3️⃣ Use a custom domain

πŸ”₯ Learn No-Code: Basics

Build a startup in 4 hours, Step-by-step Course

In this course:
Create a landing page with Carrd.
Accept paiements with Stripe.
Receive and send data from a Carrd form with Zapier.
Collect data in a spreadsheet with Google Sheet.
Create a emailing list with EmailOctopus.

Why join this course ?
❌ Before: Have a startup idea. Spend time to learn code in 6 months. Build a product in 2 weeks. Give up before to launch.

βœ… Today: Have a startup idea. Follow this course in 4 hours. Build your startup step-by-step. Launch the day you have the idea.

What you will be able to achieve after this course ?
You will be able to create a MVP.
Convert your idea into a real startup.
Test your startup ideas quickly (less than 4 hours) and for free!
Ask me question when you need help to create your own startup.

Save your time and your money.
Learn by yourself.

We are in 2020, it's possible to build products and validate projects ideas : fast and cheaply.

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Ship your MVP today.

  • Simple

  • Fast

  • Cheap

It sounds like a bullshit marketing promise... but it true.

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You want to create an MVP but you don't know how to code?

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You want to create an MVP but you don't know how to code?

Join Makerpath now!

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